News On Iran & Its NeighboursIranian People’s Resistance Changed the Appeasement Policy

Iranian People’s Resistance Changed the Appeasement Policy


Soon after the new US government started its obligations in January 2021, hand in hand with the European governments they decided to start a new round of negotiations with the Iranian regime regarding its ambitious nuclear case.

The appeasement policy continued despite all the regime’s sabotages and perfidies in the nuclear agreement, famously known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

In recent months, a new round of nationwide protests was inflamed by the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was killed after being arrested by the regime’s so-called ‘morality’ police for not complying with the regime’s fabricated compulsory hijab and dress codes.

Most politicians, especially those who wrote and advertised in favor of the regime, thought that, like in the past, the regime would be able to suppress the protests, if not immediately but in a short time frame. However, despite all the ups and downs and the regime’s tricks, conspiracies, repression, and killings, the people were able to withstand them. In that sense, what we are now witnessing are not scattered protests but a new revolution.

To have a better understanding of the result of the people’s resistance, we should refer to two historical events that have recently taken place that are depicting the results of resistance.

In February 2022, Russia attacked the territory of Ukraine. In the beginning, despite the apparent condemnations, many Western politicians thought that this occupation could be somehow ignored in the framework of global divisions between the powers.

For this reason, the US government offered help to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his family to leave the country and take refuge in another country. Zelensky, who was not willing to give up, rejected this offer and asked the World powers to, instead of suggesting he and his country surrender, give them weapons so that they could confront the occupiers.

This stance of the Ukraine president raised global support and the entire country decided to support him in his fight. From this point, the situation changed in favor of the people of Ukraine. Now after 8 months, Russia is being pushed further back and has been left globally isolated, while Ukraine is moving toward victory.

Another example is the situation of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) after the occupation of Iraq by the US army in 2003. The MEK, which was present on the frontier of Iran and Iraq for years, witnessed a very complicated military and political situation.

From one side they were bombarded and disarmed by the coalition forces, which implemented a soft dismantlement policy, and from the other side, they got involved with an Iraqi government that was an accomplice of the Iranian regime.

In the meantime, the MEK had only a few solutions, either surrender, contemplate dissolution, or show resistance at any cost. They made their choice and paid a heavy price of about 15 years of resistance, especially when the US government decided to transfer their protection to the Iraqi government. although the US government had promised to protect them until a final solution could be reached.

At present, the Iranian people, with more than 60 days of resistance against the tyrannical regime. have chosen the same path. The path of resistance at any price. They have surprised and raised the admiration of everyone around the world.

The world powers, who were not ready to leave the negotiation table and abandon concessions to the regime, have been forced to reconsider their past because of the pressure of public opinion and the people’s ongoing resistance.

Currently, the situation in Iran has reached a threshold where Europe and other partners are saying that the JCPOA and negotiations with the regime are no longer its priority. Adding to that, every day that passes, the world powers are imposing more sanctions on the mullahs’ regime.

All these outcomes are purely the product of the resistance of the Iranian people and their organized resistance (PMOI/MEK) throughout more than four decades which is now crystallized in the protests and uprisings all over Iran; with more than 500 martyrs, 30 thousand arrests, and thousands of injured civilians. Despite all the calamities, the brave men, women, and youths of Iran are passing the second month of their uprising toward a democratic republic.

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