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Iran’s Science Is Collapsing


Now for over 40 years, Iran’s rule controlled by the mullahs is destroying and toying with all of the country’s assets and values of the people, from the culture to the science and economy and most important human dignity and freedom.

In this article what we will point to is a recent report of the famous science journal, ‘Nature’, about the fake-paper factories of science articles which are in some countries ‘industrialized’.

It is notable that a credible journal like the ‘Nature’ would never jeopardizes its credibility to publish a biased report. Nature Magazine is credited with its history, and it is a great danger for Nature to publish a biased report. So, the expression ‘Industrialized cheating’ is not only indulgence about Iran government’s behavior but is less than the reality talked about the destruction of this rule.

Naturally one of the main subjects that is showing the dynamism and vitality of any university and science institutions is the writing of scientific essays. With the goal of being published internationally by credible science organizations and outlets to increase the university’s trustworthy.

But because of the fundamental thought of Iran’s officials who sees everything as an tool to gain more profit and wealth for themselves, they are engineering the countries universities’ structures to achieve profitable functions such as ‘essay production’, without thinking about its long lasting destruction of the country’s universities.

It is as if the identity of a university is nothing but an institutional structure whose components can be transformed with the intention of achieving new functions such as further article production, entrepreneurship, and solving social problems (easily and reverse engineered).

“Industrialized cheating

The problem of organized fraud in publishing is not new, and not confined to China, notes Catriona Fennell, who heads publishing services at the world’s largest scientific publisher, Elsevier. “We’ve seen evidence of industrialized cheating from several other countries, including Iran and Russia,” she told Nature last year. Others have also reported on Iranian and Russian paper-mill activities.” (Nature, March 23, 2021)

The problem with the mullahs’ rule is that they predict the universities independence of the country’s history, so it is very easy for them to play with such an important institution which is the main source for the construction of the country’s future.

The truth is that no country can only rely on natural resources as an eternal source for the wealth of a country and to establish a strong nation having a bright and long-lasting future. And what here comes into question are the country’s universities and its brains.

So, because of the view of the regime’s officials, without thinking about the norms and internal mechanisms and the worth of the universities, they pressurize the universities to change their structure in a way that results to a worthless ‘harvest’ for the officials. And the rise of academic fraud in universities stems from this.

Widespread scientific violations, officials abusing their position, abusing students, the prevalence of ghostwriters and the existence of essay and dissertation production centers on Enghelab Street, are all obvious facts of the scientific destruction in Iran.

And the truth is that Iran is being pushed out of real competition in scientific productions. So, just to create something artificial that perform better than its natural example is implausible. A humanoid robot that lacks a human-like nervous system which overtake the best runners in athletics, a chess computer that can beat the best human chess players are these days without any scientific value and no one allows robots to compete in athletics. No computer chess players take part in human chess competitions.

So, the truth is that Iran in the 21 century is out of the ‘real scientific competitions’, losing its future.

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