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What Is Happening in Iran?


Following the brutal killing of Masha Amini, the Iranian people have once again united to fight and defeat the theocratic mullahs’ regime that is ruling Iran. The protests began to fight against the compulsory hijab rules, but have now extended to tackle the Iranian regime’s many forms of repression against its people, from censorship, discrimination, looting, deception, and abusing religion, to torture, human rights violations, poverty, etc.

All these factors have united the people and showed the world that the Iranian people, from all walks of life, have decided that they wish to overthrow the regime. Iran is in the midst of coordinating a new revolution. Masha Amini, as the people say, has become a symbol and a spark for a new revolution and the people’s final round to defeat the regime.

It has reached a situation where there is no more ambiguity among the people about the rule of mullahs. No faction within the regime can play the role of an ‘opposition’ and so-called ‘reformist’ to deceive the people and divert their real will, which is for a free and democratic country.

Only nationwide solidarity with the common goal of overthrowing the Islamic Republic is what lies ahead. The political challenge of each person and trend is to be in harmony with this common national interest. If not, they are playing in the same court as the regime.

After nine days of protests in over 130 cities across the country, three main factors have been realized:

  1. All the cities are targeting the totality of the regime, which is symbolized by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei as a common enemy.
  2. Emphasis on national unity and solidarity.
  3. The leadership and decisive roles of women in advancing the movement against the entire sovereignty.

In anger, people are revolting against the armed forces, fighting them with bare hands, and in most cases, the regime’s forces are then forced to retreat. Most of them have lost their motivation to fight the people in fear of the fury brewing within society.

After 41 years, the Iranian people are controlling the streets, and in contrast to the protests in November 2019, the people have the upper hand as they continue attacking the regime’s forces.

Among the cities that have risen so far to fight against the regime are Tehran; Karaj; Mashhad; Qazvin; Zanjan; Shiraz; Rasht; Hamadan; Arak; Kerman; Ilam; Kermanshah; Sanandaj; Qorveh; Tabriz; Urmia; Ardabil; Qom; Kish; Gorgan; Sari; Amol; Sabzevar; Fardis Karaj; Naqadeh; Izeh; Bushehr; Marivan; Bandar Abbas; and Rafsanjan etc.

Hossein Saffar Harandi, the adviser to the head of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) revealed the extent of the situation in an interview with the state TV channel Ofogh on September 20. He said, “Well, sir, if you want to express your loyalty to a person whom you think is oppressed, express your sympathy, well, this will be not fulfilled with destruction and obscenity and with gestures that attack national interests.”

He added, “But they responded that this is just an excuse, and our main target is the principle of the system, that means we will deal with the entire system.”

The Fars news agency published a fearful statement from the regime’s supporters in the universities and wrote, “We condemn the abuse of recent events by the adversaries, our main red line is the values ​​and ideals of the system.”

It is true, the people are attacking the regime’s red lines, values, and ideals in their slogans. They are doing so to get their message across and reverberate their fury to the so-called leaders of their country.

Among these slogans are:

  • “Death to Khamenei”
  • “Khamenei is a murderer and his rule illegitimate”
  • “Khamenei you murderer, we will bury you”
  • “This year Khamenei will be overthrown”
  • “Khamenei shame on you, let go of the country”
  • “Down with oppressor, whether Shah or (supreme) leader”

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