Women's Rights & Movements in IranPhotos: Iran cracks down on women for “un-Islamic” dress

Photos: Iran cracks down on women for “un-Islamic” dress


Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, May 09 – The following are photos of a government crackdown on violators of Iran’s strict Islamic dress code. The nationwide clampdown began in April.
Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, May 09 – The following are photos of a government crackdown on violators of Iran’s strict Islamic dress code. The nationwide clampdown began in April.

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https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/12.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/13.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/14.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/15.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/16.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/17.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/18.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/19.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/20.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/21.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/22.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/23.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/24.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/25.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/26.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/27.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/28.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/29.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/30.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/31.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/32.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/33.jpg” />

https://iranfocus.com/uploads/badhejabi/34.jpg” />

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