Women's Rights & Movements in IranIran opposition leader speaks at International Women's Day conference...

Iran opposition leader speaks at International Women’s Day conference in Berlin


On Saturday, March 7, a grand event was held in Berlin titled “For Tolerance and Equality against Fundamentalism and Misogyny” in the light of International Women’s Day and the serious issues concerning women rights throughout the world. The gathering discussed, in detail, the danger posed by Islamic Fundamentalism to human rights in general and women rights particularly. 

On Saturday, March 7, a grand event was held in Berlin titled “For Tolerance and Equality against Fundamentalism and Misogyny” in the light of International Women’s Day and the serious issues concerning women rights throughout the world. The gathering discussed, in detail, the danger posed by Islamic Fundamentalism to human rights in general and women rights particularly.

Its devastating effects transcend geographical boundaries, ethnicities and nationalities, and therefore, the fight against it has to be universal too. There was a general consensus on the damaging role of the Iranian regime with regards to women rights and global peace. Tehran continues to be the global capital of terrorism and it has to be confronted through a comprehensive strategy, which offers meaningful support to democratic Muslims and ensures that Iran is never allowed to possess a nuclear weapon.

The speakers outlined the significance of offering meaningful support to women as well as a resistance movement, which has proved its democratic and progressive credentials through leading by example. President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, also attended the event along with several distinguished rights activists, artists, political and social personalities, including Kim Campbell, Rita Süssmuth, Linda Chavez, Frances Townsend, Ingrid Betancourt, Helmuth Markov, and a delegation of women jurists led by María Elena Elverdin (Portuguese General Prosecutor), a delegation from Syrian opposition, a large delegation of legislators and mayors and other German dignitaries, a delegation of female parliamentarians from Arabic countries, delegations representing dozens of Iranian women associations and organizations throughout Europe and the United States, and thousands of women from different countries and cultures united behind the cause of gender equality and freedom from repression.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s address on the occasion explained the reasons behind the rise of fundamentalism and held the Iranian regime responsible for it remains a role model, which has put the ideology at work for all to witness. She said, “Fundamentalism is not a face-off between Islam and the West nor a confrontation between Islam and Christianity and Judaism, or a Shia and Sunni conflict. The crux of the conflict is between freedom versus subjugation and dictatorship, between equality on the one hand and tyranny and misogyny on the other. Fundamentalism has placed misogyny at its core and through suppressing women it intimidates and suppresses the entire society.”

She called on all women to step up and join hands to fight the scourge of Islamic Fundamentalism and defend their freedoms and rights that they rightly value so much. She said, “To rein in the ominous phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, one should inescapably confront the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. This regime is at the heart of the problem and its support for the Assad and Maliki dictatorships in Syria and Iraq has led to the rise of fundamentalist militias and the ISIS. As such, silence in face of regime’s meddling in countries of this region, let alone collaborating with it on the pretense of fighting ISIS, is a horrendous strategic mistake.”

Mrs Rajavi warned that regime cannot be trusted and treated as legitimate global player, “It is delusional to ask the arsonist to put out the fire. Diagonally opposite, the correct policy is to evict the mullahs’ regime from Iraq and Syria. Bringing down this regime is an essential imperative not just for the Iranian people, but for the region and the world. The crime of the appeasement by Western governments is that they have chosen the path of conciliation with the state sponsor of fundamentalism, the regime of Iran, and have participated in clamping down on the alternative to fundamentalism. Offering concessions to this regime in the nuclear negotiations is against the highest interests of the peoples of Iran and the region and undermines global peace and security. It is also taking the human rights of the Iranian people to the altar.”

She also shed light on the rising number of executions carried out in Iran, including the hanging of 21 prisoners on March 4. They included six Sunni political prisoners. She said, “To avert popular uprisings, particularly during nuclear negotiations, the Iranian regime badly needs this wave of executions and oppression. Silence and inaction regarding the grave violation of human rights in Iran, not only emboldens this regime to carry on with its atrocities, but encourages the regime in pursuing the nuclear program and exporting of terrorism.” She also requested support for the Iranian Resistance, which has over the last three decades opposed the oppressive clerical regime in Iran and sacrificed much as a consequence.

The IR is a viable democratic alternative as it preaches and follows a democratic, tolerant version of Islam and advocates freedom of religion and state and a non-nuclear Iran. In the end, Mrs Maryam Rajavi said, “The largest movement of women vanguards in Camp Liberty gives hope and inspiration to Iranian women and is an asset to equality movements in the world. She called on the international community, the U.S. government, the European Union, and the United Nations to secure their protection and security.” The large gathering, which was inaugurated by Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, NCRI Women’s Committee Chair, and was moderated by Ms. Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison, was attended by a variety of renowned personalities, many of who shared their views on the subject of women rights.


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