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The World Must Isolate Iran’s Regime on Human Rights Day


Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. The United Nations General Assembly adopted 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This document is a milestone that proclaims the undeniable rights of every person on earth as a human being.

And today this has become a base idea for millions of Iranians who march, fight, and sacrifice themselves for the liberties they have the right to possess. Over the past three months, they have stood up against the tyrannic mullahs’ regime, which is a strong threat to their lives and freedom for more than four decades.

To this day the regime killed more than 580 peaceful protesting people, including 65 minors, and arrested more than 700. It should be noted that the regime has the highest number of executions per capita in the world.

According to human rights sources, it has carried out at least 553 executions in 2022. Of course, the real number is much higher because the regime has never published any real statistics on its executions.

During the protests, countless protesters were tortured and injured. Many of them have lost their eyes or are suffering from long-lasting injuries because of the regime’s use of birdshot and lethal bullets.

Since December 8, it has started its barbaric killing machine. On December 8, it executed the first arrested protester named Mohsen Shekari, charged with Mohrebeh (waging war against God).

Days before the implementation of this crime the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, its judiciary, and on December 9 its president Ebrahim Raisi, nicknamed by the people as the ‘butcher of Tehran’ all vowed that they will not show any mercy and will not tolerate any further protests.

Khamenei asked for heavy punishment for “those who have closed off roads.” And Raisi said,” the identification, trial, and punishment of the perpetrators of the [killing] of security forces will be pursued with determination.”

And Ahmad Khatami the Friday prayer leader of Tehran expressed this gratitude to the judiciary for displaying “firmness by “sending the first rioter to the gallows.”

A day after the execution of Shekari, the regime published a list of those with the same charge who are on death row. A table published on December 9 by the state-run daily Etemad shows the regime’s ruthlessness. According to this information, 25 people are facing execution on charges of the so-called “corruption on earth”, and “Moharebeh” (waging war against God) crimes.

The names are Saeed Shirazi, Mohsen Rezazadeh Gharaqlu, Mahan Sadrat Marni, Sahand Noor Mohammadzadeh, Mohamed Qobadlu, Mohammad Broughni, Saman Saidi, Mohsen Shekari (executed), Toomaj Salehi, Majid Rahnavard, Mohammad Mehdi Karami, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Arin Farzamnia, Amin Mehdi Shokrollahi, Reza Aria, Mehdi Mohammadi, Mohammad Amin Akhlaqi, Behrad Ali Kenari, Javad Zargaran, Shayan Charani, Hamid Qare Hasanlu, Farzaneh Qare Hassanlou, Amir Mohammad Jafari, Reza Shaker, Ali Moazzami Gudarzi.

The shocking part is that 15 people on this list are charged with death only because of complicity in the murder of a regime’s Basij agent named Ruhollah Ajamian.

It is time that the world powers and democratic countries support and stand fully with the brave people of Iran, especially the women who are facing the most severe form of oppression and injustice. Negotiating with such a regime is not justified.

They must close the regime’s embassies and expel its diplomats. They must blacklist its Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, which is the main lever of its repression.

They must stop all economic relations to petrify its income resources supporting the repression. They must recognize the people’s right to self-defense. And finally, they must refer the regime’s dossier of human rights violations to the UN Security Council.

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