Iran General NewsThe Real ‘Separatists’ Are Iran’s Rulers

The Real ‘Separatists’ Are Iran’s Rulers


Dictatorships are marked by the absence of a balanced government, political and social instability, significant human rights violations, and massive numbers of deaths. And the theocratic dictatorship in Iran is not an exception.

One of the common characteristics of all of them is the use of the power of propaganda. Facing continuing protests over the past three months the regime has used its propaganda apparatus entirely to introduce the freedom-loving Iranians who are fed up with the regime’s form of rule as ‘rioters’ and ‘thugs’.

It is depicting them as those who are waging war with God (Mohareb) by confronting the regime, its supreme leader who is the representative of God on earth, and the deputy of Imam Zaman, the ‘Leader of the Time’. And its verdict is death.

Another pretext used against the people, especially in Kurdistan and Sistan & Baluchestan, is by accusing them as ‘separatists’.

Considering the nature of this regime, the question is who is the real separatist, and is it a real threat to Iran? The answer is simple. Feeling its existence endangered, suddenly it changed color and become a patriot and raise its concerns about the country’s whole and union.

For example, one of its elements in an interview with Tasnim on September 29 referring to separatism said: “The government and the media should talk about the reality of this danger for the country. In this context, the government is not the main subject, it is Iran. Iran is the most common issue among us Iranians with all the differences in choices.”

He deceptively wants to avert the sights from the regime to an insignificant problem which is separatism under the pretext of ‘national unity.’

While over the past four decades it is proven that itself was most destructive for the country’s unity. Using all the country’s resources for warmongering and destructive goals in the region so that at least one-third of the country’s population is living with a daily income of $3.

Having a look at the logo of its Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), we will see clearly that its last concern is the unity of Iran, while there is no sign of Iran in it. The name of the IRGC is registered in the regime’s constitution without any sign of Iran.

In fact, for the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and the IRGC, Iran is considered an occupied land. A land that must surrender its natural resources, and capital to build mass destruction weapons to guarantee the existence of this vile sovereignty.

Another question is, if Iran would be occupied by a foreign country, what kind of disaster would it face that has not happened now?

They have auctioned the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the port of Chahbahar to other countries. They have signed a 25-year contract with China, which is so disastrous to the country that even some of its officials have compared it to the infamous treaty of Turkmenchay.

Which separatist exported Iran’s gasoline to Venezuela and Lebanon for free? Which foreign country hires Arab and Afghan nationals as mercenaries and sent them to intervene in Syria and spent 20 to 30 billion dollars to keep Bashar al-Assad in power?

Where does the huge cost of its suppression machine come from? Is it other than the capitals of these people?

Contrary to the regime’s claims, these days, the cities of Zahedan, Khash, Chabahar, Saravan, Zahak, Taftan, and Iranshahr have displayed the most beautiful manifestations of patriotism and the union of Iranian ethnicities.

The people of Baluchestan wrote on their placards: “Our condolences to Kurdistan – Baluch, Lor, Arab, Fars, and all of Iran support Kurdistan.”

They chanted: “Kurdistan is not alone, Baluchestan support it.” And “Kurds and Baluchis are brothers, they despise the supreme leader.”

The final word is that there is no enemy living on the outskirts of Iran, there is no enmity between Iranian ethnicities and nationalities. The only enemy is this regime.

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