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Iran Revolution Characteristics


More than two months have passed since the start of the latest round of protests in Iran against the tyrannical Iranian regime. At this point, with the frequency and intensity of the demonstrations, it seems that a revolution is in full swing. The country is witnessing many political and social changes followed by new characteristics that are weakening the regime’s rule.

These new characteristics depict a new Iran which will positively impact the country’s future. On this note, we will have a look at these features.

  1. Protests have become socialized and a daily habit. The waves of enthusiasm against the regime are advancing and the shore of indifference is constantly receding.
  2. Society is drawing lines with any type of dictatorship. The slogans being chanted and portrayed at the rallies are reflecting the people’s willingness for a revolution. The people have found their path in society and ousted the regime’s led slogans and turned to “Death to the oppressor, either the Shah or the Supreme leader”.
  3. The regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has lost its self-proclaimed solemnity. The needle of fear has changed its direction to the regime and its forces, who are desperately concerned about the people’s continuing rebellion. They have lost their equilibrium and stability and are witnessing structural and political gaps. The regime’s officials are currently floundering as they are unsure of which tactic to adopt to gain the regime’s lost stability.
  4. The tremendous power of Iran’s women and their will to break the inherent misogyny of the Velayat al-Faqih system has entered the field of leadership. With their sacrifice, women are decisively defying the regime’s mandatory hijab by leading the protests for a regime change.
  5. The regime has been forced to confess what they have done to the people: their violence, inhumanity, and discrimination. They have been forced to speak and write about the people’s demands and rights, which has created a crisis within the regime’s political body.
  6. In a solstitial procedure from the protests in 2009 to the present, the people have realized that there is no other solution other than a revolution to get their points across.
  7. Every memorial of citizens that have been killed by the regime has become a scene of new protests and a nightmare for the mullahs to combat. As a result, the regime has been forced to think twice before opening fire on the people and using illimitable violence.
  8. The incomparable presence of freedom-loving Iranians across the world supporting the people’s revolution has had its influence on the decisions of politicians worldwide.
  9. The expansion of the protests and the legitimacy of the revolution have forced the country’s celebrities to choose a side: the people, or their relationship with the regime’s political body. Celebrities have usually been a bridge between the regime and the people. In the last three decades, celebrities have collected part of the power of the society around them and subsequently wasted that energy in deviant directions.

The reason is clear; When free political activity is not possible in a non-democratic and dictatorial society, celebrities play the role of draining social energies. The revolution has forced them to publicly state where their loyalties lie.

  1. The regime’s think tanks, along with the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, are desperate on discovering how to analyze the new situation. In their desperation, their only solution has been to constantly shift the blame onto others, making foreign powers responsible for the situation.
  2. Thousands of political prisoners, across all generations, who have sacrificed their lives for freedom and to protect their families have become a popular army confronting the regime. They have helped to destabilize the regime, leaving the only remaining solution for them to be overthrown.
  3. The organized movement has been the backbone of the continuation of the protests, the defiant youth’s cells, and the resistance units of the MEK, in the past five years, have been the symbol of resistance against the regime’s repression apparatus. The regime’s high officials and the IRGC commanders in the past two months have made it clear several times that the main enemy of the regime is the MEK and the Iranian youths have been influenced by them to bring the regime to its end.

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