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Iran Wants to Take Over Crossing Between Iraq and Syria


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London, 5 Jun – The Iranian Regime has reportedly been attempting to take control of Syrian land that the US-Arab alliance took back from the so-called Islamic State in order to create a land crossing between Iraq and Syria, through which to transport weapons, troops, and money, which may further bolster the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad or be diverted to terror groups.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed, the former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel, wrote an op-ed for Al-Arabiya in which he explained why the Iranian Regime wants to take over and control this border.

He wrote: “The Tehran regime uses different excuses to justify its project, such as fighting terror groups and protecting the Iraqi borders. However, Iran is mapping its areas of control, controlling border crossings in Syria and trying to impose its presence on most of the 300 kilometres, and then cross with the Iraqi militias to Syrian territories. Iran’s Quds Force had entered Syria to save the Assad regime from collapsing under the excuse of the protecting Shiite shrines. It is now establishing its military presence under the excuse of fighting ISIS. However, the truth is, it has a long-term project which is to dominate Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.”

The Iranian Regime wants to create a Shi’ite Crescent from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean in order to establish a regional dominance. The most important aspect of this would be the ability to transport anything they wanted via land, which is far less dangerous than by sea, if the Regime controls the countries their cargo passes through.

However, this is not a simple trade exercise. If they were transporting oil or clothing or media, they would not need to avoid other countries customs. The Regime is transporting thousands of fighters to Syria, weapons to Hezbollah and money to Hamas. This is why they are the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

Rashed wrote: “Iran’s government has a clear aim which is creating a reality that suits it and that imposes itself when deciding Syria’s fate and that expands its role in Iraq later. To achieve this aim, it is leading Iraqi militias, other militias it had established and groups which it influences in Iraq towards Syria to engage in major battles and control border crossings in Damascus and vital areas. This means the conflict will prolong for years and regional countries will be pushed to support other groups that oppose Iran. This will produce ISIS again and thwart the war on terrorism.”

He continued: “The Iranian military presence on the ground will expand amid the current tensions and the increase of sectarian extremism in Syria and Iraq. This will thwart the coalition’s project to eliminate the terrorist ISIS, because the organisation with the presence of the sectarian Popular Mobilization forces, will make Sunni areas establish groups to fight back.

Heading towards borders raises a series of questions about the seriousness of the international campaign to fight ISIS and opens battlefronts with the armed Kurds…Iran is trying to impose a fait accompli on international forces, including on its ally Russia after it sensed a partial switch in its stance. It was reported that the Russians said they have to deal with Iran and its foreign militias during this current phase because they are present on the ground. This is what Iran is trying to confirm by transferring thousands of Iraqi fighters and others to North Iraq to cross into Syria.”

He warned: “Iran with its activity will tear Iraq apart and rip Syria apart even more. It will increase the risks of terrorism which benefits from chaos and conflicts among the different axes.”

As a result, Rashed advised the international community to step in sooner rather than later.

He said: “It does not make sense for concerned parties to seek a political solution in Astana or Geneva and leave Iranian military leaders to sabotage the situation and thwart international efforts. What’s required is intensifying the pressure on Iran and prioritising it before the necessity to expel all foreign fighters.”


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