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Iran Focus:
Iranian workers go on strike over back pay
Nurses Union threatens mass protests
Iraq not issuing visas for Iranians
Students protest increased pressure on union
Eight arrested on charges of spying for Israel
Iran Focus

Iranian workers go on strike over back pay
Tehran – Workers at “Khorram Vault-making Company” have gone on an indefinite strike in protest to overdue back pay and management corruption. The workers have not received their salaries for the past three months. They have complained that despite a deadline by the Ministry of Labour for the management to buy factory-safe-shoes and aprons three months ago, these items have still not been provided to them.

Nurses Union threatens mass protests
Tehran – The head of Iran’s Nurses Union yesterday said that they had exhausted every avenue available to them for their demands to heard, with no avail. “The only way nurses can make their voices heard is through demonstrations”, Mohammad Sharifi-Moqadam stated. He added that authorities have repeatedly blocked requests for ‘peaceful protests’ by Iran’s nurses. Sharifi-Moqadam went on to say that the main cause of nurses’ frustration was with insufficient pay, and unsuitable work conditions and resources.

Iraq not issuing visas for Iranians
Tehran – The Iraqi ambassador to Iran announced today that the embassy has stopped giving visas to Iranian nationals wishing to visit his country. Mohammad Majid Al-Sheikh told the state-run daily Hamshahri, “We will only provide those Iranians with visas who hold a permit from the Iranian Foreign Ministry or those Iranian traders who are members of the Chamber of Commerce”.

Students protest increased pressure on union
Tehran – Last night students from the Shahid Rajai University staged a sit-in at their main dormitory in protest to the suspension of the head of the political section of the Students’ Union. The students complained about lack of social freedoms, and called for the suspension to be lifted. The students also signed a letter addressed to the dean of the university, stating that he should not give in to government demands and suspend students for their political beliefs.

Eight arrested on charges of spying for Israel
Tehran – Israeli radio said yesterday that Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced that eight Iranians have been arrested on charges of spying for Israel. The Persian language program quoted an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman as reportedly saying that the affair was serious, but did not disclose whether those charged were Jewish.

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