Iran General NewsMajor Demonstration by MEK in Brussels Against 'Terrorist Regime'...

Major Demonstration by MEK in Brussels Against ‘Terrorist Regime’ in Iran


In Major Brussels Protest Maryam Rajavi Urges EU to Impose Sanctions on Iran's Regime

By Pooya Stone

On Saturday 15 June, thousands of protesters gathered in Brussels in a demonstration against Iran’s clerical regime and its appalling and worrying abuses of human rights and its belligerence across the region and beyond.

The protestors also voiced their support for the main opposition to the Iranian regime, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and voiced solidarity with the MEK’s Resistance Units inside the country.

The leader of the opposition, Maryam Rajavi, addressed those that had gathered. In a video message, she highlighted that the regime is nearing an end and that the people overwhelmingly want regime change.

Speaking about the future, Rajavi said: “If anyone can change the behavior of the religious fascists and clerical dictators of Iran without trampling on Iranians human rights and their right to determine their destiny, then by all means, we welcome it and say go ahead and change this regime’s behavior as much as you can.”

The protesters, who had gathered in front of the EU headquarters, voiced their support for Rajavi, holding banners and chanting their support.

The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Mohammad Mohaddessin, participated in the march and addressed the crowds. He too emphasised that the Iranian regime’s rule is drawing to a close and highlighted that the goal is to establish a popular and democratic government in Iran.

He said that the MEK’s Resistance Units are “on the front lines of our battle with the regime”, but reiterated that the supporters of the MEK outside Iran, including those in attendance at the demonstration, are accompanying those in Iran.

Rajavi and Mohaddessin both spoke about policies of appeasement that Iran’s rulers have benefited from. Rajavi said: “Apologists for this regime and those that benefit from its continued rule feign concern for war and push for providing benefits to this regime and appeasing the ruling murderers in Iran.”

Mohaddessin spoke about Tehran’s recent escalation, pointing out that it is fearing the end of the appeasement era and that it is therefore trying to “regain its stability”. However, attacking vessels, launching drones and missiles, increasing oppression and ramping up on its malign policies are only going to precipitate its demise, he said.

Other speakers took to the stage to voice their support for the opposition, including Pierre Galand, former President of the European Branch of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), who called on the EU to respect its own principles with regards to the Iranian authorities’ tyranny.

Secretary-General of Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization, Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini, said that he wants the Iranian regime to know that the uprising is going to continue until the regime finally collapses.

Former Syrian judge and human rights activist Haitham Maleh highlighted Tehran’s terrorist nature and Emeritus Professor of international law at the Université libre de Bruxelles Eric David pointed out that some 120,000 MEK activists have been killed by the regime since 1981 and yet it has still not been held accountable.

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