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The Reign Strikes Again


Hamid Azimi is the Communications Director for the Iranian American Community of Northern California. Azimi has been actively promoting Human Rights and democratic change in Iran, exposing and combating the Iranian Ayatollahs’ Islamic Fundamentalism. His writings and interviews have been covered by many California based news outlets as well as major national news agencies

An Argentinian prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, who accused his country’s president of covering up the investigation of the bombing of a Jewish Community Centre, was found dead two days ago, hours before he was supposed to testify. The bombing, one that has been speculated to be because of several high Iranian regime officials, laced with the abrupt death of the main prosecutor for it, has opened the door for the actual role that Iran has been playing in international terrorism.

Nisman, in charge of the investigation of the bombing of the Argentine Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, was found dead in suspicious circumstances in his apartment. The 1994 blast left 85 dead and hundreds wounded, and has been identified as one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of Argentina.

On January 14, 2015, Alberto Nisman accused the Argentine president and Héctor Timerman – the Minister of Foreign Relations, of secret negotiations with the Iranian regime to discredit Iran’s involvement in the bombing in exchange for profitable contracts. It is said that Nisman was due to give evidence at a congressional committee hearing on Monday, to outline his accusations against the President and other officials. To provide proof of his allegations, he had published a 300-page report on Wednesday alleging that the president and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman had opened a secret back channel to Iranians suspected of involvement in the bombing of the Community Centre. Moreover, he claimed that the scheme was intended to clear the Iranian suspects, so that there would be no hindrance in a trade deal between Iran and Argentina.

Looking at this investigation in retrospect, Nisman had collected a plethora of evidence that indicted the Iranian regime of being involved in the bombing. However, the Argentinian leaders tried their level best to keep these findings in the dark. Carlos Menem, the then Argentine president, was heavily bribed and was asked to change the legal course of the investigation, where the file was subsequently shelved for a while. After President Menem, with Fernandez in office, Nisman called for the officials in the Iranian regime who were named to be arrested. In 2006, the arrest warrants were issued by a judge and the Interpol listed their names. However, even under this President, once again an effort was made to dilute the investigation.

According to Nisman, the formation of a fact-finding committee was the result of the hidden deals between the governments of Argentina and Iran, one that was deliberately made to distract focus from Iran. The Argentine Police has stated that the initial investigation into Nisman’s death gravitates toward suicide; however they were also very quick to change their stance by claiming it to be ‘murder’. This rapid change in claims by the authorities makes one wonder, to what extent the truth is being said.

In a recent statement, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) strongly condemned this suspicious death, and offered its condolences to his relatives and friends. In order to get to an honest evaluation of what actually happened to Nisman and in the light of his conspicuous role on the investigation regarding the Iranian regime’s terrorism, the NCRI’s foreign affairs committee called for launching an independent international investigation. For them, the Iranian regime is the central advocate for terrorism and if it’s involvement in various terrorist activities around the world could be investigated impartially; undoubtedly the role of many high regime officials in these terrorist activities will become apparent.

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