Iran Human RightsHigh-ranking officials in the Iranian Regime involved in the...

High-ranking officials in the Iranian Regime involved in the 1988 massacre


London, 21 Aug -An Iranian-American political scientist has given his view on the leaked audio footage which shows the Iranian Regime’s crime in the 1988 massacre in which 30,000 political prisoners were executed in just a few weeks.

In the Al Arabiya piece, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, praised Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri for speaking up to the Death Committee against the executions in 1988, for which he was put under house arrest.

Rafizadeh said: “[Former heir to the Regime,] Montazeri’s fate changed dramatically. He always felt compelled to speak up; he thought the Islamic Republic had significantly diverted from the ideals of the revolution, he believed religion was intervening in the political affairs of the state, the image of Islam was being tarnished by the Islamic Republic, and he thought people should be given more power over the government.”

The audio, which was leaked by Montazeri’s son, Ahmad, features Montazeri addressing the Regime leaders over their crimes.
In the tape, he is heard saying: “You will be in the future etched in the annals of history as criminals. The greatest crime committed under the Islamic Republic, from the beginning of the Revolution until now, which will be condemned by history, is this crime [mass executions] committed by you.”

the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)ordered that the audio be removed from Ahmad’s website but it has since spread like wildfire.
Rafizadeh said: “The writings, messages, and audio from Iran’s ex-heir Supreme Leader highlight the systematic method that the officials of the Islamic Republic used to address opposition. Executions or brutal punishments to opposition has become the cornerstone of Iran’s political establishment. Iran ranks top in the world when it comes to executions per capita.”

He points out that most of those involved in the massacre are still high-ranking officials in the Iranian Regime; indeed, they even appear to have profited from their crimes against humanity. He called upon the international community to hold the criminals accountable as they did with Nazi Germany because war criminals should not be able to live a comfortable life.

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