Iran Human RightsEx-Tehran Uni. Chancellor seeks justice over Iran’s 1988 massacre

Ex-Tehran Uni. Chancellor seeks justice over Iran’s 1988 massacre


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London, 29 Sep – A former chancellor at Tehran University has called for justice for the political prisoners who were murdered by the Iranian Regime during the 1988 massacre.

Dr. Mohammad Maleki, who was the first chancellor of Tehran University after the 1979 revolution, made a speech calling for an international trial of the Iranian Regime, speaking of the injustice doled out in Iranian prisons and the hypocrisy of current Justice minister, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi.

He said: “Those of us who experienced prisons in the 1980s know this hugely insane person, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, very well. In 2009 he denied everything and said (the massacre) never happened at all. And now he says ‘We did well, we did our religious duty (Sharia), we will do it again and we are proud of it.”

Pour-Mohammadi said he was proud of his role in the murder of 30,000 people after an audio file was leaked last month of him in a Death Commission meeting.

  1. Maleki asks what religious law Pour-Mohammadi could have been enacting, as Islam does not condone violence.

Maleki said: “If Sharia means killings, executions, lies, theft, looting and fancy salaries… then damn this Sharia from which such things come out. But if Sharia means justice, freedom, equality, and equal rights, then we accept it and seek justice according to this Sharia.”

Maleki also demanded answers for the destruction of the Iran-Iraq war which killed 36,000 children, according to Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former president of the Iranian Regime.

Maleki said: “We do not intend to execute anyone or cause violence because we are a member of the LEGAM; [we want] the abolition of the death penalty step by step. We will not execute any one of them. We want them to tell what their crimes were, and then let them go to people if they dare. We recommend to people not to touch them, though. Only spit on the ground when they see them (these criminals).”

Maleki wanted to see a future where no one would dare to commit such horrendous acts.

He said: “The Justice-Seeking movement must be expanded, as the issue is, fortunately, being debated by the international bodies now.”

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