Iran Human RightsSassari Conference Commemorating 1988 Massacre Victims gets Wide Coverage...

Sassari Conference Commemorating 1988 Massacre Victims gets Wide Coverage by Italian Media


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London, 8 November – Sassari’s main TV channel as well as Sardegna Reporter, a website covering the overall Sardinia region, as well as other media and social networks, have all given much attention to a conference held at the main hall of the Central University in the Italian city of Sassari. The event generated many reports on the justice-seeking movement which is aimed at bringing to justice the perpetrators of 1988 massacre.

Sassari’s mayor wrote in his Facebook page: “the city of Sassari, too, joins the freedom-lover Iranians and supporters of the justice-seeking movement for the 30,000 political prisoners massacred in Iran during the summer of 1988, to condemn this Iranian regime’s crime against humanity,” after the conference.

Italy’s channel 12 TV said: “the conference, held by the Iranian Youth Association in Italy, was aimed at drawing public attention to the massacre (of more than 30,000 political prisoners in the Summer of 1988) which is a hidden tragedy and (part of) the ongoing oppression the Iranians have been suffering from.” Channel 12 added: “number of executions including execution of juveniles has increased and an uninterrupted widespread oppression is still going on.”
Participants in the conference included a representative of the Amnesty International, Sassari’s mayor Nicola Sanna, a representative of Amalia Eskiro and chairman of the Sassari’s cultural commission Rafaela Sao.

The conference focused on the accomplishments of women in the Iranian Resistance and drew attention to the importance and continuation of the campaign. The human rights situation in Iran and its deterioration during the Presidency of Rouhani, was also discussed.

A report entitled ‘Iran, hidden killings and trampled human rights’, ran in the Sassari’s city-wide newspaper ‘La nuova Sardegna’. They wrote: “the main hall at (Sassari) University was hosting a conference held by the Iranian Youth Association in Italy, during which the Iranian Resistance recounted the events of Summer of 1988 and the massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners.” La nuova Sardegna’s report continues: “Today, Iran’s situation is not any different. The proof of that is the latest annual report by the UN Secretary General which points to the high number of executions including the execution of juveniles as well as the continuation of the physical punishment. The seminar was also supported by Amnesty International and a number of other organizations.”

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