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Iran’s Youths Broke the Spell of Fear


One of the main characteristics of the recent protests in Iran is the courage and fearlessness of the people, especially youths, revolting against the regime forces.

The behavior and resistance shown by the women of Iran have been exemplary. They have learned that the only solution to liberate Iran from the regime is by portraying their resistance against the Iranian regime’s rule at any price, by overcoming their fears and taking back their fate, which has been taken away from them for decades.

In many videos published on social media, protesters have been seen attacking the regime’s forces and hunting them, despite being not armed.

Now, the time has come where the regime’s mullahs and repressive forces should be afraid of the consequences of their actions over the past decades. Reaching this point is a qualitative session in the people’s fight against the tyrannical regime, who have ruled Iran by relying on intimidation, repression, terror, and violence.

When fear tactics do not work; the inevitable result is the dismantling of the tyranny and totalitarianism of the mullahs.

Over the past six years, with heavy sacrifice, courage, and non-stop struggle, the Resistance units of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have shown their power and have despaired the regime. Risking their lives, the organization’s members and supporters have paved the way for a new uprising and encouraged the Iranian people to withstand the regime.

We are now witnessing the formation of hundreds, if not thousands, of Resistance Units up and down the country and in each and every city. The people have learned from their past, and by implementing new tactics they are defeating the regime’s forces. The streets and alleys are in their control as they divide and fatigue the regime’s forces.

Learning from these Resistance Units, many people, including youths, are burning down the regime’s propaganda and other symbols installed in the cities across Iran.

On September 24, the state-run Tabnak daily wrote, “There are organized entities that destroy places, burn them and escape, and repeat the same on other places, which shows that they are organized who commit these actions.”

Astonished and scared about the blazing development of the continuing uprising, Mohsen Mahdian, a member of the regime’s revolutionary Guards (IRGC), said, “I want to tell you that the events that happened in these two days are unprecedented. These protests were unprecedented in the last 40 years. Why unprecedented, because there has never been a period of protests in such a way that you can see violence and disturbance from the first hour.”

He added, “The real story is not the hijab, the story is not about the morality police or the death of Mahsa, they are targeting the system. And this is obvious in their slogans if you analyze them logically over the past two days. You will understand that the slogans are clearly saying that our problem is not the issues that have been said, it is the principle of the rule.”

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